Month: July 2021

Ayaka Ando

Career Development Strategies E062 From Neuroscience To Medical Writing

Ayaka Ando completed her PhD in the field of neuroscience and neuroimaging at The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, University of Melbourne, and University of Queensland, Australia. She then moved to Germany to pursue her career in academia, where she was appointed as a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Heidelberg University, Germany.

During this time, she also had the privilege of serving as the chair of the International Council of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping Student and Postdoc Special Interest Group. Through her experiences, she acquired a taste for science communication and community outreach, and she now works as a medical writer for a medical communications company.

Ayaka was born in Japan but has spent most of her life living in the land of koalas and kangaroos (a.k.a., Australia). She is now happy to have found a nice home in Heidelberg, Germany.

Sarah Martin Career development strategies

Career Development Strategies SE004 How To Become a Sex Coach? An Interview With Sarah Martin

Sarah Martin is a Certified Sex Coach and sociologist. Sarah completed her undergraduate degree in Global Studies at Long Island University, her sex coaching certification at Sex Coach U, and her Master‘s degree in Economic Sociology at the Graduate School for Social Research, Lancaster University. Sarah Martin is the leading sex coach for single software developers worldwide. She is the creator of the Sexual Craftsmanship model for cultivating sexual confidence. Her research interests are men, masculinities, masculine online subcultures, and pickup artists. In addition to her private practice, Sarah also has a background in business management and marketing automation. She freelances as an online business consultant with SMEs in North America and Europe.

Ewa Roszak

Career Development Strategies SE003 How To Become a Life & Business Coach? An Interview With Ewa Roszak

Ewa Roszak is a psychologist, life & business coach, trainer, and author. She graduated from SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities with MA in Psychology from SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw, BA in International Relations, University in Lower Silesia in Wroclaw, with Erasmus Exchange at Utrecht University in the Netherlands.

Chess Player Jacek Bielczyk

Career Development Strategies SE001 How To Become a Chess Player? An Interview With Jacek Bielczyk

Jacek Bielczyk is a chess player, chess trainer, author, and journalist with a title of International Master (IM) from FIDE. He has university education in Mechanical Engineering (MS title obtained from the Silesian Technical University). Currently retired, he still trains young chess players and is actively involved in the chess environment.

Hellen Parra-Florez

Career Development Strategies E061 How To Learn Business Project Management as a PhD?

Hellen Parra-Flórez is Code-Switch’s Founder and Managing Director. She has experience in knowledge exchange activities and has managed the successful delivery of more than 20 consultancy projects. Hellen is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner. She is also the University of Manchester Research Staff Developer for the Prosper Project.

Job Interview Preparation How Can Cognitive Science Help You in Your Career Management

Job Interview Preparation: How Can Cognitive Science Help You in Your Career Management?

While applying for jobs, we typically focus on our objectives: how do we determine which position is suitable for us and suits our long-term career plans, and how do we land the job? One important aspect of your job interview preparation is to become aware of the cognitive biases that might appear in the process – both on your side and on the side of the hiring manager. We are only humans after all!

career in data science 5 steps to success

5 Steps To Build a Career in Data Science and Land Top Science Jobs in 2021-2022

Is there still enough room to build a carer in data science from scratch now in 2021? Yes. But now, after the pandemic, the rules of the game have changed. Today, to become successful in data science, you need to step up your game. This article lists five steps to take at the start to guarantee long-term success in this field for yourself!

Caolan Kovach Orr

Career Development Strategies E060 How To Thrive In Data Science? How To Get Hired and Flourish?

Caolan Kovach-Orr, PhD, earned his PhD in theoretical biology from McGill in 2015. His research was focused on predator-prey interactions. Today, he is an Experienced Director Level data scientist who excels at hiring great people. Currently focused on Machine Learning for Insurance Pricing, solving novel problems, and product creation/development.

He has a proven track record in Team Management (including new & existing hires), Predictive Modeling (Machine Learning – Gradient Boosted Trees, Random Forest, GLM), Creating Actionable Insights, Team Management (including hiring new team members), Feature Engineering, Data Manipulation/Cleansing, New Product Creation, and Research & Development (academic and industry).