Month: August 2021

Career Development Strategies: The job market of today, the job market of tomorrow

Career Development Strategies E066 The Job Market of Today, The Job Market of Tomorrow: A Panel Discussion

Today’s job market is complex and uncertain – we live in times of the pandemic, the Great Reset, the Great Resignation, and the Great Confusion. How did the expectations of the employees towards their employers and working environments change in the last few years? How to build trust as a company? How to attract and nourish talent? The Great Reset: are the conspiracy theories true? What does loyalty mean today? We discussed al these topics in the panel!

WEF - You will own nothing - the great reset

The Great Reset: Should You Be Worried, and Which Career Development Strategies Will Work Best In the Near Future?

In the past few months, the phrase “You will own nothing. You will be happy” that appeared in the video ad of the World Economic Forum made the headlines and has electrified global opinion. But what does this phrase even mean? Has Orwell’s vision of a totalitarian society come to life?

Christopher Madan PhD

Career Development Strategies E065 How Can a Supervisor Support PhD Students In Transitioning To Industry?

Christopher Madan, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Nottingham in the UK. He has a broad range of research interests, but primarily studies memory, aging, and brain imaging. He completed his PhD at the University of Alberta (Canada) in 2014, which included a one-year visiting scientist position at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf in Germany. He then worked as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Boston College (USA) for three years. Chris uses a combination of cognitive psychology, neuroimaging, and computational modeling methods in his research. He also has done work related to open science, mentorship, and implementing learning science strategies in other fields.

personal development Natalia Bielczyk The Ontology of Value Test

The Author of the Ontology of Value Test, Natalia Bielczyk, Comments On Her Own Results and How They Fit Into Her Personal Development Plan

In this blog post, the author of the Ontology of Value Test, Natalia, comments on her own experience with the test, and the results. What surprised her the most? Which of the results does she agree with? Which points doesn’t she agree with? What did she learn about herself from this experience, and is she now more bullish about her own test, or rather, the opposite?

project management self development

The Basics of Project Management 1.0.1. Key Concepts: Agile, Kanban, Scrum, Waterfall

Today, the workflow in all companies and organizations in all industries is project-based. Therefore, the experience with popular practices in project management and project management tools is no longer just an extracurricular point on your resume. All industry professionals – from an executive to a specialist – are expected to be fluent with implementing at least some of these project management tools and switching from one workflow to another. Therefore, basic project management skills are compulsory to get hired at the leading companies in virtually any industry today!

career development strategies James Heathers

Career Development Strategies E063 A Lucky Escape From Academia Towards Movement and Internal Metrics from Humans

James Heathers, PhD is a chief scientific officer at Cipher Skin Inc., a company focused on capturing Movement and Internal Metrics from Humans and Objects to Deliver Meaningful, Visualized Insights for healthcare.

He has a long record in academia, where he first completed a PhD in Psychophysiology at the University of Sydney in 2014, and then worked as a an Endeavour Research Fellow at Poznań University of Medical Sciences and Postdoctoral Researcher at Northeastern University.

In his career, James got familiar with a number of disciplines related to physiological measurements from people, such as physiology, data acquisition, hardware, software, signal analysis, building databases and user interfaces, testing, quality management, stakeholder management, grant acquisition, and others.

He also advocates for reproducibility and transparency in science.